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All the best horse racing news, information and entertainment, available from one location and in a format that will suit the device your using, be it a smart-phone, a tablet PC or a laptop/desktop PC.

On GG.COM you'll find a wealth of information and services and it's all free! From Daily Racing, Free Tips, Blogs, Forum - whatever you need GG.COM has it available at your fingertips. The GG.COM website is backed by a farm of servers providing services like database, caching and web

GG.COM has worked with the UNIX consultants at lilHermit for over ten years now, calling upon their UNIX and Linux expertise in diverse areas. Our work has ranged from simple configuration changes, to PCI security audits and VPN setups, through to designing and deploying server farms.

Here at lilHermit, we're more concerned with finding the right solution, rather than what is the most expedient – so we're always ready to go the extra mile to make sure that the job is not only done, but done well.

What the client said...

The team at lilHermit and I worked closely together on devising the technical strategy for each iteration of GG.COM. Their insight and breadth of UNIX expertise was instrumental in making GG.COM the site it is today and they always exceed our expectations.

Mike Hall

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services offered


Our experts in app developers will:

  • Listen to your objectives
  • Formulate the best ideas
  • Offer great creative input
  • Provide graphic design if needed
  • Code everything from scratch, in-house
  • Give clear delivery timescales
  • Communicate at every stage
  • Create test builds for quality assurance



Our expert Unix/Linux engineers can:

  • Create a single server for your use
  • Build whole server farms if required
  • Develop bespoke databases
  • Offer fault diagnosis and security audits
  • Provide ongoing support
  • Advise on and implement back-up solutions
  • PHP/MySQL/Apache upgrades/tuning/customisation
  • Supply a fully bespoke service